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Apple raspberry macaroon. Apple and raspberry add a desserty zest to this sweet delicacy.

14 reviews for AR-15

  1. Reginald

    A new favorite, reminiscent of fresh raspberries gathered from the fields behind grandma’s house. This juice will have you swimming in nostalgic adolescence, an infiltrating flavor that resembles those first few times you ever lifted a delicious dessert to your mouth when you were young. Perhaps the only true flavor which perfectly captures that inner timeless expression of childish joy. A damn fine juice, Utivich.

    Bonus: If you have a tank mix it with a little bit of Malk for a slightly smoother experience.

  2. Kirk

    Received this juice as a bonus with my last order. I had not previously ordered it because the description did not sound like it would appeal to my personal tastes. I was wrong. DDMJ has another winner with this one!
    As I had just cleaned and rewicked my RDA, I thought I would give AR-15 a clean vape. The profile, while boasting a full-bodied flavor, remains clean and light with no nagging aftertaste. Vapers, give this one a try! It did not disappoint me and now has a place on my future order list.

  3. Thomas (verified owner)

    This is my new daily. Previously I would go back and forth between honeydew me, banana cream pie, and purple cow, but this one is my new favorite. Full flavor, fruity, dessert-like, no weird aftertaste, and not too sweet.

    I ordered the 120 ml, and it was gone after 3 weeks. Fantastic juice.

  4. Kaleb (verified owner)

    Raspberry flavors have never been my favorite but I absolutely love this juice! Highly recommend!

  5. Joshua Jackson

    Tastes very reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles. I got this as a sample and love it, will be ordering more very soon. Great all day vape and I am now hooked.

  6. michael

    Like a lot of other people it seems, I got this as a sample. As such, I threw it right in my vape after only the shipping period+1 in a dark box. I figured if it needed more time to steep, oh well it was a freebie anyway. Not so! Tastes good, and obviously a great marketing idea, as I will probably be ordering it next batch, and as someone else said, I had originally passed by this one. Great stuff. Only reason 4 stars, just my subjective taste, doesn’t reflect the quality.

  7. Kyle

    This juice is freakin amazing.

  8. JD

    Got as a sample. Immediately tasted the raspberry…airy and sweet but not too sweet. One of my faves now for sure. Also the shipping is super fast.

  9. Abbie (verified owner)

    Love this juice!

  10. Jeremy Foust

    I love almost every flavor iv ever ordered. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Thank you ddmj!

  11. forever_artist

    Apple and raspberry with a generous dash of magic! (The raspberry is the most noticeable flavor.) I am pleasantly surprised at how good this one is. I noticed right away that the flavor has a distinct “punch” to it; it really puts some “mmph!” into the vaporizer, yet it is not at all overpowering. It’s the perfect flavor for doing nasal exhales too. Lock and load this flavor into your tank, but be careful to not fire it off too much (unless you’re shooting blanks, i.e. no nicotine); it can be addicting! I received it as a freebie, but I will be ordering it in the future.

  12. Jeffreyshoupjr

    Product description is on point. Never Vape the raspberry flavor before and I very much enjoy it

  13. kylebottoroff (verified owner)

    Raspberry magic this juice is forsure different, but amazing!!

  14. Jake

    Absolutely delicious. Got this a sample bottle, it’s so sweet yet delicate. 10/10 would be recommend for the sweet tooth vapers!

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