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Introducing BICS!

BICS is short for butterscotch ice cream sandwich. The epitome of decadence. This concoction was discovered by accident and was too mind-blowing to not be released.

5 reviews for BICS

  1. Crystal P (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. It really tastes exactly as described. I could vape this all day long. If you like butterscotch you will definitely love this juice. Great job on this DDMJ. It’s a winner.

  2. Kirk (verified owner)

    Outstanding! This is definitely one of the best flavors from DDMJ! It is good enough to be an all day or even every day vape, but I would not want to get burned out on it, so I think I will keep it in my stock and vape it as a special treat. Great vape!

  3. yorkelsnorkel (verified owner)

    Great juice! It has a nice rich chocolate and caramel flavor on the front end, and a creamy vanilla on the back end.

    At 1 to 1 pg/vg and 6 mg nicotine it is a little harsh. Especially since Im writing this pre steep.

    The only thing keeping this juice from 5 stars is imo it is a little too rich.

  4. luigimario87 (verified owner)

    Another excellent juice from these folks. Worth every penny and puff.

  5. John Knaebel (verified owner)

    One of my favorite juices ever. Hecka good right out of the box; it doesn’t even need to steep. This particular juice is one that I’ve included in nearly every DDMJ order I’ve ever placed.

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