Candy Fart

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A blend of skittles and sweet tarts and hard candy.


35 reviews for Candy Fart

  1. tony (verified owner)

    Great flavor and vapes very well! Not to mention they sent me two 15 ml bottles of other awesome flavors for free. Overall a great juice and a great company. I’ll be buying from them pretty much exclusively now.

  2. B-real (verified owner)

    Amazing. For the price this juice is literally unbeatable. It reminds me of smarties. A very tart fruity candy flavored juice. Great job guys. I’ll be buying more soon.

  3. robert (verified owner)

    my most fav juice !

  4. Sawyer (verified owner)

    A really excellent flavor! You get a good balance between the sweet and sour/tart flavors. No one flavor dominating the others. Really refreshing vape! I enjoyed it a lot. I highly recommend this juice!

  5. shirley (verified owner)

    My favorite so far. It reminds me of a rainbow snow cone, or everlasting gobstoppers.

  6. Lorenzo (verified owner)

    I bought this with max VG, 0 nic and I was very surprised by how much flavor this had. The clouds are expected form juice with max VG but the taste, man this thing is so f*$k@*& delicious.

  7. Lisa

    Im picky about juice. This tastes amazing. I definately exhale and taste green skittles.
    Atlantis Tank

  8. Luke (verified owner)

    I’m very picky with my juice and this stuff is the best stuff I’ve ever vaped hands down. AND at max VG with that amount of flavor?! This stuff is insane!!

  9. Aaron (verified owner)

    People talk about an all day vape juice…this is my all year juice! Absolutely amazing company to buy from!

  10. Mackenzie

    All I can say here is ‘thank you!’ to dontdrinkmyjuice for creating such an amazing product. I’ve never gotten so much flavor out of a max VG juice before. Keep up the good work guys! My Atlantis and I love you!

  11. Phillip (verified owner)

    Man this juice is so dang good

  12. Jamie

    Not recommended for RDA’s, flavor seems to burn. Might be cause I’m subohming though, so at the least no sub ohming this flavor in an RDA, it begins to burn the flavors and turn the juice brown. Tastes like a lime dominant skittles mix.

  13. Jacob (verified owner)

    When first tasting this liquid, all I could taste was lemon lime, I was a bit disappointed at first but every time I vaped it just kept getting better. I definitely recommend this, its a sweet vape, max vg with 6mg, definitely buying more!

  14. Don (verified owner)

    Running an RDA with no problems here, tastes great on a .32 Ohm build with cotton wick agree with the smarties flavor, great ADV! Max VG 4mg. Great Clouds!

  15. Manny rivera

    Man I just got it today couldn’t wait to vape it to be honest for the price of the ejuice this taste amazing good products still got the banana pie and jolly ranchers to taste but ima go n enjoy this first ?

  16. Joshua

    Wonderful tart candy flavor, needed a few days steeping to get the full flavor from the juce.

  17. Janelle (verified owner)

    Just hot it today with the others I ordered and got a free bottle of chocolate mint. Amazing juice for the price and fast shipping . will order more flavors soon

  18. keith (verified owner)

    Its exactly what the description says… Very strong flavor but smooth and well rounded in max vg. will be ordering this one again. Def. an ADV.

  19. CERBERTVR (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor, thanks guys.

  20. Pj (verified owner)

    The price is right and the flavor is deffinitaly good but i cant help but notice the alchol taste its not overpowering but still there ive tried it in my aspire nautilus tank and my subtank mini with a parrallel .5ohm and its still there i dont know it may just be me but other that that its a pretty great tasting and decent clouds so try it if you havent yet you may just fall in love with it my wife did

  21. Sean (verified owner)

    Super good. Tastes like a mixture of smarties and sweet tarts.

  22. Codie

    I kinda got stuck in the middle with this flavor. Its not a flavor id vape on all day in my own opinions. The flavor for me needed almost 3 months to mellow and really steep because out of the box it was way to intense. Its a nice candy flavor but i feel you might have missed it on this one.

  23. Lee (verified owner)

    Good stuff nice sweet candy flavor.
    Max Vg still great flavor.
    Glad they offer a 2mg nic option my flavor level for drippers.
    Will buy again.

  24. JOSHUA (verified owner)

    Pretty strong when you get it 50/50, better with max vg. Great vape, if you like candy/fruit combos this is right up your alley. I’ve had better, I’ve had worse, but these prices are great and the shipping is pretty fast too.

  25. Charlese Uribe

    Hi! I just wanted to say I am beyond satisfied! Don’t Drink My Juice DDMJ is the BEST I’ve EVER had! The taste of all the different flavors I’ve tried (Cereal Mash Up & Jolly Candy are my favorites – and Candy Fart, Skittletopia & Strawberry) ALL TASTE AMAZING & have tons of vapor! The prices are fantastic, shipping was fast & packaged nicely & their professional, courteous customer service is probably one of the BEST experiences I’ve EVER had – in my entire life! They impressed me so much, b/c they’re doing everything right with the high quality of their product to the way they really care about their customers. I rate them 5 stars & give them an A++! They definitely have a lifelong customer here! And I’m going to tell everyone about them b/c they REALLY, really deserve it!!!

  26. Tristan (verified owner)

    Vaping masterpiece I love it bought a 120ml bottle and its great right out of the mail

  27. Matt (verified owner)

    Amazing if you love tart/sour!!! I could vape this all day.

  28. Angela (verified owner)

    Oh My Gawd this is amazing so much candy in one place love it.

  29. William (verified owner)

    Good Stuff ^-^

  30. brdhunter1 (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Extremely sweet and tangy. I personally prefer to mix it with another less sweet flavor just to even things out but by itself I still greatly enjoy it.

  31. JR (verified owner)

    This is my favorite vape juice. I exclusively buy from here because they are very quick with shipping and the pricing is unbeatable.

  32. Tara (verified owner)

    I love candy flavors and I was really excited to try this one. It’s soooo good and reminds me of Sweet Tarts candy. This is my first time trying this juice and I’m really impressed. DDMJ has a customer for life! 2mg Nicotine; vaped at 60W, did not need steeping.

  33. mike.cbb4 (verified owner)

    I ordered this juice yesterday and the product skyrocketed above my expectations. Don’t Drink My Juice has made my FAVORITE juices for prices and customer service that no other company can even compete with! I ordered the juice at 12:00 pm yesterday and got it at 10:00 pm today! Not only did it come fast and taste great, but they threw in an extra flavor to try for FREE! I’d rate six stars if I could. Will be buying from here exclusively now.

  34. Renee

    Ordered this in a sampler pack… All I can say is this juice is absolutely AWESOME !!! The candy mix of skittles, sweet tarts and smarties takes me back to Halloweens as a kid packing my cheeks with all the awesome goodness of sweet and sour candies. Ranks in my top 2 favorites now and I will definitely be ordering a larger supply next time. Thanks DDMJ for providing awesome juices at affordable prices you guys are the best !!

  35. kylebottoroff (verified owner)

    Super sweet juice, very intense candy flavor!

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