Cannoli Moly

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Smells like a friggin’ bakery…..

8 reviews for Cannoli Moly

  1. Seabass

    So i havent had too many cannolis in my time, but i enjoyed the flavor. Very buttery and creamy. I asked my Italian friend to try it and he thought it was accurately labeled, and he doesnt even vape! So i give it 5 stars. I vape 2mg @ max VG

  2. mw

    I’ve never eaten a Cannoli, so I can’t compare to the real thing, but this flavor is quite enjoyable and smooth. It tastes like a very buttery and creamy pastry, but the flavor isn’t too overwhelming like some other pastry-like flavors I’ve tried. It was a freebie I received but I can see myself ordering a whole bottle in the future.


    Love this amazingly flavorful juice , I’m Italian so I’m a good judge of how cannoli’s taste, I’ve been eating them for as long as I can remember, so when I saw this in DDMJ’s menu I was so excited, it’s got that perfect cannoli taste and when you blow a cloud the smell is identical to the description pure bakery goodness. Definitely a winner buy ittt!!!

  4. Kirk M.

    Holy Moly! I don’t know Cannoly from Stromboli but this juice is about the best I’ve tried from you guys and it was my bonus bottle! Great job, it’s a keeper! 2mg, Max/VG, Troll/Anarchist mech dripper. Gonna have to get a big bottle!

  5. Ray (verified owner)

    Taste great my favorite flavor.

  6. tony5600ac1 (verified owner)

    Cannoli Moly is an outstanding full flavored canolli. I live in NY so I had many of these traditionally as a child and as a grown up as well. The pastry is a flakey round hollow tube that is fried and cooled then filled with a creamy filling. The pastry chief usually add s
    Colored sprinkles or dip each end in chocolate and dust it with powdered sugar but I just like it plain. This e-liquid tastes just like the coffee shop canolli in Little Italy in New York City or any high end bakery shop. Very rich e-liquid consistency and color. Extremly generous cloud production and flavor. Will be ordering this product in a bigger size. Excellent communications and e-mails with tracking. Very nice people to deal with. So…if your thinking about ordering this…I highly recommend you do. Thanks so much DDMJ for a realistic gaping experience.

  7. ICHI (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I found this site; their shipping is super fast, their prices are very reasonable, and their juice is fantastic. Canolli Moly is the best juice I ever tried. This is my second time purchasing the 120ml bottle, and I will do so again as soon as the one I just received runs out. I’m a little short on money for the time being, so I haven’t bought any other flavors yet, but with both of my previous orders, I was sent a very generous 15ml sample of Malk and AR-15 which were both excellent as well. This site is the only place I buy juice from ever since I recieved my first order. Excellent! You can’t go wrong with this one.

  8. Skratzmeyer (verified owner)

    I like pretty much everything from DDMJ. But this one and Peppermint Puffs are my go to. Really good flavor.

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