Caramel Cappuccino

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Espresso with milk, a touch of cream, and caramel.

22 reviews for Caramel Cappuccino

  1. John

    Best coffee flavor I’ve tried to date! Might be closer to a caramel mocha than a caramel cappuccino.

  2. jro526


  3. jro526


    Julie R

  4. waz

    Never had a coffee vape before. I didn’t think it would be a pleasant experience, but man was I wrong. I’m not into frilly coffee drinks. I normally drink single origin coffee made by me with my extensive collection of coffee makers (Aeropress, French press, Gravity siphon, Mocha pot, etc.) Naturally, I thought vaping coffee would just be a let down due to my love of black coffee with nothing added. This changed my opinion. It has a very desert/savory flavor (Think Cosmic Fog – Milk & Honey, or Unicorn Milk minus the strawberry), but with a very distinct coffee flavor running through the entire experience. Desert/ savory take a back seat in this liquid, and the coffee really drives it home. I definitely get the caramel, but it reminds me more of a graham cracker type of flavor…or a baked good? This is definitely an all-day-vape! Buy it!

  5. Slade (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best flavors I’ve had. Leaked a little in the bag during shipping though, but no biggie.

  6. Bailey (verified owner)

    So happy with this juice.

  7. Don (verified owner)

    Hands down best ADV I have ordered yet.
    Flavor is spot on!

  8. paul (verified owner)

    Great juice and amazing price and omg the flavor is superb would make any coffee lovers dreams come true i just wish there was a lil more caramel but great job guys!

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Flavor really blew me away. An all day vape for me for sure, and one of my all time favorites. BUY IT!

  10. Spencer (verified owner)

    Very coffee flavor to me, not as much caramel as i would’ve liked, a good juice though, and at one point with the setup i had at one time this reminded me very much of a black and mild.

  11. Sean (verified owner)

    Excellent. Not usually a fan of coffee type flavors but this is great.

  12. Ivan (verified owner)

    Velvetty caramel flavor with slight coffee. This one is for those that prefer more sweet than coffee flavors, but still a pleasure to vape.

  13. jamie (verified owner)

    It was a good juice just a little strong for my liking…a little more creamy flavor would have made it perfect

  14. Edwin (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Great price. Phenomenal taste. I will definitely recommend this site to all my coworkers that vape. All you caramel lovers out there should definitely try the Caramel cappuccino. Trust me you wont regret it

  15. Kinggustavo09 (verified owner)

    Amazing coffee ejuice! The taste is smooth and absolutely delicious. Caramel cappuccino blew away any expectations I had, and as a coffee lover my expectations were high. Absolutely buying this again, although defintley more than 30ml this time. If you wanna try a coffee type of ejuice which I highly recommend to coffee lovers like myself, this juice is definitely for you. The service is excellent, amazing prices and the ejuice tastes splendid so I will be ordering from again. Now if you’ll excuse me, i have a couple other ejuices from this website I’m excited to try out.

  16. Greg (verified owner)

    Has a very sharp initial bite and a well rounded exhale note. I’m not a coffee drinker normally, and if I were, I think I would have enjoyed the vape more. I personally had to cut the juice with some buttercream to enjoy it more, but the above juice does “coffee” very well.

  17. Lauren (verified owner)

    Great flavor, great price. Does not gunk up my coils. Gets shipped on time. I will recommend to everyone! Great job guys!

  18. James Stahl (verified owner)

    Pretty damned good though a little stronger on the roasted coffee flavor than I had anticipated. I enjoyed the hell out of it and did not regret having purchased 50ml worth. This is officially my new favorite juice store.

  19. Steven (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Somehow, this juice doesn’t lose its flavor no matter how much I vape it. It is very similar to the Double shot flavor at my local shop but theirs stops tasting like coffee after day 3.

  20. Kirk

    Wow! What a nice vape! Smooth, balanced, good throat and lung hits without a noticeable aftertaste. Not overly sweet so I can see this as one of my regular ADV’s. Everyone should try this one! 2mg nic, MAX/VG. Vaped in my mech dripper.

  21. Cliff (verified owner)

    I’m rating THIS particular flavor 5 stars, but it applies to all the flavors I’ve purchases from DDMJ. This is the best e-juice company I’ve ever found online! Not only the best prices to be found but… I can’t believe, but am grateful for the 15ml samples they send me with every order: what customer service!… and smart I might add. Yes, I’ve have tried the samples and have ordered same.

    You folks do a great job, and I have been sending people over to your site with every conversation about e-juice.

    Thanks again

  22. Alex

    This is the first coffee flavor I have ever tried, and I’ve gotta say it left me impressed.

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