Cereal Mash-up

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A silly rabbit, a toucan, and a lucky leprechaun meet up for the first time….

45 reviews for Cereal Mash-up

  1. Radly (verified owner)

    I received this flavor free with my order. It’s slammin’ right out of the mail. Tastes exactly like froot lupes with milk! Max VG=Max Clouds.

  2. metaldune3 (verified owner)

    Super flavorful even at max vg, a soft lemony/milky flavor like the milk left over after a bowl of Fruity Pebbles

  3. dm852011 (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious will order more

  4. Grizol

    A sample of this came along with my order and man am I glad it did. Only cereal flavor that doesn’t give me that sick to my stomach feeling or destroy my throat on the inhale. Great juices, will order again soon!

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price tag fool you! I was under the impression that such an inexpensive juice would not have the flavor of a juice that cost around $20 for 30ml, but this is a damn good juice! Tastes like fruity breakfast cereal as described.

  6. Tina (verified owner)

    This was a free sample with my order and ended up being my favorite flavor. This is at least as delicious as any other cereal milk vape I’ve tried, and at these prices I don’t have to feel guilty about vaping it all up in record time. I def had to steep it for like 3weeks though, flavor when fresh was too citrus-y for me.

  7. waz

    This stuff is really good. Almost an all-day-vape! I have one gripe with it; the milk flavoring DDMJ uses tastes a bit “off.” Still, with that fault, it’s still a great vape. The milk isn’t over powering at all. It taste like the milk left over after eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Sounds kinda gross, but it is a pleasant experience that brings me back to my childhood.

  8. Xbooow59 (verified owner)

    LET THIS STEEP!!! flavor is wonderful, reminds me of fruity pebbles

  9. Joshua (verified owner)

    This is by far the best juce I’ve tried. I can’t believe the price. I got a bottle of 2mg max vg and the only letdown was I should have gotten a bigger bottle.

  10. Daniel (verified owner)

    First order from DDMJ and I’m beyond satisfied. Description fits perfectly. All day vape for me. Getting a 120 ml of this with my next order. Thank you!!! (Max VG 2 mg 50 ml)

  11. matthew (verified owner)

    Really loving this. Instantly reordered a 120ml bottle. Fruity pebbles all the way.

  12. tldyarborough

    Love this juice!! Tastes exactly like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of fruity pebbles! Got this as a free bottle with my order and I’m definitely going to have to nab myself a bigger bottle of this!

  13. Cecil

    I hate cereal vapes but this is one of the better ones.

  14. Lisa Richards

    This came as a free sample awhile back. I really didn’t like it so I let it sit. I still taste lime and chemicals? Just an odd taste. Letting it sit didn’t change my mind either. Makes me feel kind of sick. Only DDMJ I don’t like. Im not tasting cereal at all. Fruity crunch is my absolute favorite.

  15. Gwynn

    I vaped this right out of the mail!! I’m sure the milky flavor will come in after some steeping but I just couldn’t wait!! Tastes like the powdery crumbs at the bottom of the Fruity Pebbles box. Amazing!!

  16. Jasmin (verified owner)

    I’m tasting fruity pebbles more than anything. Yummy juice and exceeded my expectations for the price. I only wish it tasted creamier. May need to let it steep longer.

  17. Jake

    One of the best cereal vapes I have ever had. I got it as a freebie and was thinking “oh great another trix clone”. I was in fact surprised how good this was. I know that I have been very impressed with DDMJ.

  18. keith (verified owner)

    I was obsessed with Cereal Killa for a very long time and i know taste is subjective but i like this more. very flavorful fruity pebbles with milky exhale. Awesome out of the mailbox and i can only expect it to get better if it can last.. Will order this again without question.

  19. craig

    I love it. Cereal killa x 10. If u r on the fence about ordering because of the price. DO IT !!!! U WILL NOT B DISAPOINTED. I surely wasn’t. IOrdered a 50ml received yesterday will b ordering a 120ml Tom. Great price even GREATER JUICE!!!!

  20. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Found this site just by googling and placed an order for this juice. I thought why not it’s cheap if I don’t like it it’s not a big loss. Well it took only a couple days to receive it and it is fantastic tastes just like fruit loops! They also threw in a bottle of blueberry haze and that one is also awesome! I will definitely be making future purchases from here to try other flavors!

  21. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Wasn’t the biggest fan when I first got it, but after steeping it for a week the flavor improved, and after two weeks it was perfect. Will definitely order more of this in the future

  22. johnny

    really really good juice. this is definitely more fruity pebbles than fruit loops. good blend of cereal with slight cream that is not overdone. flavorful and definitely balanced correctly. i have tried about 5 or 6 other fruit loop cereal vapes and this is probably the best that i have tried. you should try this if you like fruity pebbles/fruit loops vapes.

    tried this on .3 26 gauge mutation x v4 mini all the way open between 60-80 watts and a .5 sapor dual claptons (26 &32) 80 watts airflow all the way open.

  23. dave.richardsjr2 (verified owner)

    Amazing and fast shipping too thanks only took two days from time of order

  24. Spencer (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor, let it steep and you’ll have a tasty all day vape to remind you of te breakfast you should’ve had

  25. Terry (verified owner)

    Incredible juice. Was shocked at how awesome it is. To top it off there was a mix up on my order and Adam fixed it asap and made it right. Quality Ejuice and top notch service!

  26. Chad (verified owner)

    Very Impressed by the flavor of this Juice. I’m new to vaping, and was looking for a cheaper alternative for juices. Glad I found this place, will be exclusively ordering from you guys.

  27. Squid (verified owner)

    It’s OK. Not a lot of flavor, very mild. (used it in my dripper and temp control Herakles)

  28. Scott

    smells and tastes like fruit loops! most others I’ve tried have to much lime taste.

  29. Edward Perry

    I bought this after trying Fruity Crunch thinking well, if that’s good then more cereals combined must be better. Sadly I have to report that I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as Fruity Crunch. I can’t get this “soap” like taste out of my mind, no matter how long I let it steep/breathe. I gave 3 stars because it’s consistency is on par with the other juices I’ve received, but it’s not something I’ll try anytime soon. Not all juices are mean’t for everyone so it’s not a big deal. Plenty of people seem to enjoy it so if it sounds good to you, it’s worth sampling. Thank goodness they offer 15ml bottles, would hate to have purchased 120ml of this stuff and be stuck with it like so many other juices I’ve tried from other companies. This is still one of the best e-liquid companies I’ve tried and hope this review doesn’t deter you from ordering from them.

  30. Charlese Uribe (verified owner)

    Hi! I just wanted to say I am beyond satisfied! Don’t Drink My Juice DDMJ is the BEST I’ve EVER had! The taste of all the different flavors I’ve tried (Cereal Mash Up & Jolly Candy are my favorites – and Candy Fart, Skittletopia & Strawberry) ALL TASTE AMAZING & have tons of vapor! The prices are fantastic, shipping was fast & packaged nicely & their professional, courteous customer service is probably one of the BEST experiences I’ve EVER had – in my entire life! They impressed me so much, b/c they’re doing everything right with the high quality of their product to the way they really care about their customers. I rate them 5 stars & give them an A++! They definitely have a lifelong customer here! And I’m going to tell everyone about them b/c they REALLY, really deserve it!!!

  31. Tristan (verified owner)

    Breakfast if vaping was breakfast

  32. sid (verified owner)

    best fn vape I’m crying inside because I only orderd a small bottle I will order this any time I place an order and probably order it in the biggest bottle I can get/afford

  33. Machel

    I’m kinda mad I’m just finding out about this site. First off, this juice “Cereal Mash-Up” is amazing. Somewhat angry with myself for ordering the Sample pack, only because the sizes were 15ml bottles. I threw this bottle back in 1 day. This flavor is right on point with fruity pebbles. This is my fruity cereal fix from now on. In short, stop reading this and order the bottle for yourself, NOW. However, the order juices I ordered were spot on with tastes. The juice have 4-5 stars for a reason. They are ALL, including the free juice they provided me. Very thankful for that, the excellent prices and the efficient shipping as well. This is prior to my 2nd order, and I’m coppin all big bottles now.

  34. nponthier (verified owner)

    Fantastic juice and fantastic company. Top notch service A+ all around.

  35. John (verified owner)

    Best cereal vape I’ve had. At first I got fruity pebbles, but towards the end I got fruit loops. Either way it was very good right out of the mailbox.

  36. Lisa (verified owner)

    This juice was my first order , I was so happy with the flavor I immediately ordered two more flavors. I love that they send a sample so you can decide what you like. The shipping is fast and they’ve now become my go to for all my liquid.

  37. Shalesa (verified owner)

    Yes this has to be the best cereal/milk flavor I’ve ever tried. It taste exactly like a big bowl of fruity pebbles!The shipping was incredibly fast and right on time. I DEF will be ordering this in a 120 ml.

  38. savannah.a.grayson (verified owner)

    Wow! This juice is incredible! It is a wonderful blend of fruity pebbles and fruit loops. I can not believe how true to its flavor it is. If you have never tried DDMJ I would highly recommend it. It’s one of the best products offered on this site. Each mix is had crafted and perfect. My only regret is ordering this at 12mg of nicotine. I used a vape to quit smoking and my vape broke after a free months (don’t buy a hohm wrecker, they will crap out on gmyou quickly) so I picked up smoking again until I could afford to buy a new mod and I thought a 12 would be a good place to start. I was wrong! I want to vape this for hours, but I have to but myself off after a few minutes. Luckily all of the other flavors I ordered are 6s and I can vape them for as long as I’d like while still fulfilling my craving. I’m curious to see how this compares to their fruity crunch.

    12mg, max VG.

  39. Shelby (verified owner)

    The order came in the mail quicker than I thought, which was a welcome surprise. I vaped it immediately and kinda hated it honestly. A lot of people were saying to let it steep. I didn’t think that would actually make a difference but I was wrong. After two days, I decided to give it another go so I didn’t waste my money. It was infinitely better after a few days of steeping. It tastes more in line with fruity pebbles than it did on arrival and it became something I will actually vape for a while. The price was pretty dope too.

  40. Jessie B. (verified owner)

    I love love this favor. It is so good every time I order from this website I always buy this favor. I also love how they send you different samples with your order m

  41. Richard (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite place to order juice. The staff is super quick on processing and the juice is fantastic! Even love getting the mystery juices each order. Have already recommended it to several friends

  42. forever_artist (verified owner)

    Like other reviews say, this tastes just like fruity cereal with milk. It’s a good flavor to switch to if you’re looking to mix things up for a while. The taste is so accurate that you just may get disoriented or suffer from an overload if you vape it while you eat cereal 🙂

  43. Frederick

    Another amazing breakfast cereal flavor, which this company specializes in. You won’t be disappointed!

  44. Lee (verified owner)

    Absolute Legend!!! Pops like Saturday morning cartoons!!! Must vape DDMJ

  45. ash (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this, which is very similar to Fruity Crunch and tastes like a blend of sweet cereals. However, I have no idea why I prefer it ever so slightly over Fruity Crunch.

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