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A remarkably rich Cookies and Cream Ice Cream flavor.

10 reviews for Cookies & Cream

  1. Ma. Jasmine Gaiser

    The cookies and cream has that similar butter flavor as to strawberry dream has. What makes this really nice is that the butter flavor is lighter, so when you vape it, it isnt really thick as to the stawberry dream. This does not compel you to vape the cookies and cream on a hot day. After a few seconds, letting that vapor in your mouth, you’ll be able to identify the cookie flavor, which is actually oreos, impressively. I naturally prefer menthol fruit flavors but I was able to appreciate this one. Happy to say that this flavor is great for dessert.

  2. Troy (verified owner)

    Tastes like a Jack in the Box oreo shake. Next order I’m going to get 4mg nic; I got 6, and even though I like the nicotine, it masks the flavor a bit. This is a better low nic. drip flavor than tank flavor for those who like high nicotine. Still 5 stars. Adam is the best

  3. Nicolette Locker (verified owner)

    Taste just like oreos! Very light, but distinct flavor.

  4. Eric

    Got this as a free sample. AWESOME TASTE! It reminds me of Oreo balls that my wife makes at Christmas! Will definitely be ordering this next time!

  5. savannah.a.grayson

    First off, I would like to say this flavor has some serious potential. I vaped it right out of the package and can tell it needs to steep, but even without steeping I can tell that it has a very distinct oreo flavor. This could be a five star flavor, but it’s hard to tell right now. I’m sure after a month of steeping it will blow me away. I’ll update my my review (if possible) then. My one suggestion for anyone who wants to buy this flavor is get it in a 4 if you prefer max VG. I got it in a 6 at max VG and as of right now the nicotine flavor overpowers the oreo flavor, but that may change after it steeps. If you really want this juice at a 6 I would recommend a 35PG/65VG mix. PG holds certian flavors better.

    6mg, max VG

  6. Kirk M.

    I shouldn’t find any fault. Your DDMJ Team makes good e-liquids, and your prices, customer service and response times are totally and awesomely sick! PLUS, I got my Cookies & Cream as an unexpected bonus bottle with my first order. I read other reviews and expected a lot. For myself, it wasn’t quite as rich and creamy as I hoped, so I rate it a 4.5. However, you have managed to find a small nuance in the cookie that almost all other imitators of Oreo, including Hydrox, have missed. It’s a little bit more of dark chocolate hint. This is a great juice to vape and I suspect this is one that will only improve with steeping. .2mg nic., MAX/VG, 442°F with 75% open air vent. Give it a try everyone!

  7. Kirk

    New Review;
    Steeped then vaped @ 48W. Five stars now!

  8. Jose (verified owner)

    OMG wow! This flavor definitely took me back! My favorite ice cream as a kid now in a vape flavor. The rich creamy taste is incredible and the very distinct flavor of Oreo cookies will have you thinking you might have just bit into one. This is my new favorite!!!

  9. Nate Andrews (verified owner)

    Got this flavor and i wasn’t blown away at all. I had a hard time finding any sentiment of a creamy flavor at all, let alone any Oreo flavor. I love alot of ddmj’ s flavors, but this was my least favorite. Perhaps 6 mg of nic may have been too overwhelming in my sub ohm tank, and maybe it’ll get better after I steep it.

  10. John Knaebel (verified owner)

    I tried it out of the box, and I’m not gonna lie. It was bad. It pretty much just tasted like sour dark chocolate.

    but then I let it steep for about a month and a half, and it is easily in my top 10. It tastes just like Oreos. It’s not very easy to find truly good desert flavors, but this one is very good.

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