Dragon’s Lair

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Dragonfruit with notes of strawberry and honeydew.

17 reviews for Dragon’s Lair

  1. John

    Fantastic. Somewhat similar to honeydew me.

  2. Drew (verified owner)

    This juice is delicious, it reminds me of the VitaminWater with dragon-fruit in it. I recommend.

  3. bud_hamp (verified owner)

    Has a harsh after taste. Thought it was my coil at first, but no difference with a new coil

  4. Tyler (verified owner)

    Taste more like honey dew than anything.. I’m not a honey dew fruit fan but this vape is outstanding and delicious!

  5. tldyarborough (verified owner)

    Amazing vape and glad I got it!! I hear a 120ml bottle calling my name!! Light dragonfruit taste with a hint of fresh strawberry and a honeydew exhale. No harsh hit and an amazing flavor right out of the box! Can’t wait until I can get a bottle steeping!!!

  6. itsonlydw (verified owner)

    OMG. i had this with the DDMJ Custom sampler and now have 120ml on the way…the best flavour i liked most out of the batch. super smooth i caned the 15ml in no time and found myself pushing myself off it as to save some for when i want friends to try it. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  7. Kristen (verified owner)

    Another incredible find. Ordered this on my second order from this company and was pleasantly surprised. Also reminiscent of yet another more expensive juice, which reminded me once more price is not everything. Incredibly smooth, fruity vape which is now essential in my rotation. Great right out of the box. I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up after some steeping. Only regret with this purchase was that I didn’t order a larger bottle!

  8. Glenn (verified owner)

    I wanted to really love this, I get more honeydew than anything but it is really good. hopefully letting it steep for a few weeks will bring out the other flavors.

  9. sizz bott (verified owner)

    Definitely a top favorite. I went for the 120ml right away because I love dragons and was extremely happy! I mix it with Winter Blueberry for a perfect blend for tanking.

  10. Seabass (verified owner)

    i like dragons

  11. Daniel

    6mg – max vg. Has a great taste. It’s similar to HoneyDewMe but it has a better throat hit while still producing a good cloud. Has a good sizzle when it crosses the sub tank’s coil. Thinking of switching to this one. 5 stars.

  12. Josh (verified owner)

    My current ADV, flavorful but not overwhelmingly so. Max vg, nice and fruity with no weird aftertaste

  13. Jordan

    Got this in the ddmj sample pack. Definitely one of my favorites.

  14. networktonetworth (verified owner)


  15. skullboyemail (verified owner)

    Delicious, definitely a good juice for new people to this website to tase a quality vape.

  16. Abe

    Really good stuff. Very smooth, doesn’t have any of that cheap artificial taste. This would be a great background ADV.

  17. kylebottoroff (verified owner)

    Very smooth juice, perfect taste. Cant explain the taste but everyone should have to try this!!

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