French Pear

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A succulent pear with notes of elderflower.

3 reviews for French Pear

  1. napaalan

    Ok got this as a freebie and just filled my kangertech submini and again the flavor is amazing! I will be buying this sometime soon. ddmj….. you guys are awesome! 4mg max vg

  2. Reginald

    It’s the summer of 1973. After almost three years of having braces, twice as long as the dentist initially told you you’d have them, you finally get them off. You’re so happy, for such a long time you’ve been unable to eat your favorite foods out of fear of damaging your mouth and extending your sentence. As you walk home, you can’t help but find your vision drawn to the large fields. How old those trees far off in the distance must be, and what words they would whisper could they talk! Each one must have their own ideas, their own individual perceptions of the events which have been unfolded in front of them. They are after all, just trees, and trees are subjected to one place, standing unwavering against the ravages of time, but not against the grips of other beings.
    Suddenly one of these trees catches your eye. You are drawn to it and can’t explain why. You begin to walk to it, but subconsciously you know you must be home in time for supper, so you must make haste as not to be late. Mother has prepared a special meal for you, a smorgasbord of all those foods which you longed for but couldn’t taste while subjected to the metal chains. You’re nearing the tree when you notice there’s something small and green hanging from one of the branches: a pear. You step to it and without wasting a second pluck it from the branches and take one, large, deep bite out of it. To this day you can still remember the event vividly, more specifically you recall the crunch, and the unbounded satisfaction you felt when finally enjoying such a exquisite fruit once again after a long period of waiting.

  3. forever_artist (verified owner)

    Hot damn this juice is good! It came in the mail yesterday and I just tasted it a few minutes ago. As soon as that pear and elderberry taste got around my coils it put a big smile on my face as I thought to myself “this tastes so good that it tastes like I’m vaping something illegal.” I’m going to need to slow down before I take in too much nicotine at one time!

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