Fruity Crunch

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A mouth-watering blend of two tasty breakfast cereals with milky/creamy undertones.

49 reviews for Fruity Crunch

  1. Brii

    Definitely one of my favorites. I could vape this forever.

  2. Tyler

    Got this as an extra and umm umm tasty another great juice right on point!

  3. Vinnie Falco (verified owner)

    This is by far the best Ejuice I’ve personally ever had, I have a dripper a nice TOB H atty with a 24g sleeper coil and this goes perfectly. To be very crass, it’s like tongue-kissing toucan sam. Hints of the many fruity flavors but with a strong lemon exhale and after taste that sticks around. This is definitely an all day vape. Every time I get paid I’m going to buy another 100 mL, I love this stuff too much.

  4. Ryan B (verified owner)

    absolutely love this juice. To me it tastes just like another companies ”copious” deliciousness. but instead of paying more than $20 for a 30ml bottle, I will definitely be back here to get some more. Great job and I’m glad I decided to give this company a shot.

  5. Terra (verified owner)

    OMG!! I did an IG review battle with this and AiV Crunchberry, and Fruity Crunch won!! This juice is by far the best fruity cereal juice I’ve had!! Tastes just like Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops!!

  6. Addison (verified owner)

    wettest juice i have ever vaped

  7. Mark P (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this version from several different vendors and it always had a that funky thing going on with the Cap’n crunch flavoring and I almost gave up until now. I let this one steep and breath longer than the rest of my order because it had a weird smell and I felt it needed some alone time. Well, I’m here to tell you, it actually taste like it supposed to. Finally, a Cap’n Crunch berry juice that I can enjoy. Mongo impressed! (PS-Try the Strawnana Yo, it will blow your mind). (4mg-Max VG)

  8. chad (verified owner)

    I love this juice, one vape I can taste capn crunch, the next I get fruit loops and fruity pebbles. I could vape only this juice forever!!

  9. Lisa Richards (verified owner)

    Perfect All Day Vape! All I can taste is Fruit loops. Amazing!
    Best cereal flavor I’ve ever had.

  10. Tom (verified owner)

    Definitely an ADV (All Day Vape). Amazing Flavor even at Max VG @ 2mg Nic. Amazing!!!
    Definitely will be ordering this again at a larger amount. Thanks DDMJ

  11. Jeffreyshoupjr (verified owner)

    This tastes like a particular fruity, loop shaped cereal, like seriously, spot on. I wish there was more of a cream flavor to it but maybe I just need to let it steep. That being said, even without the cream, this is stupid good, I can’t believe I only got a 50ml of this, not sure how long it’ll last haha.

  12. markswensonjr (verified owner)

    This is the best, the first order I made of this was 50mls and it was gone in 4 days. I order 500mls and I only have about 250mls left and its only been 2weeks since I order this. Will be buying another 500mls soon. Keep up the awesome work guys

  13. keke (verified owner)

    This juice is by far the best cereal flavor ive ever had. Strong fruit loops flavor which is so yummy. Makes you just want to chew the clouds. I started vaping it right out the mail and i must say i will most definitely keep purchasing this juice forever. #addictedtotheloops

  14. Evan (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever had Berries Crunch style Cap’n Crunch, then you will taste in this juice! Only thing is that on the exhale you can taste like paper but that may just be me. Flavor is great!

  15. Brian (verified owner)

    This is such a great vape. Flavor is spot on. This is my daily vape. I am a huge cereal fan and this by far beats all other brands! I love it.

  16. Eric (verified owner)

    This is a great juice. I used this juice on a Nautilus with an eGo spinner. The juice had a little “bite” right out of the box, but has begun to mellow. As mentioned above, strong taste of Captain Crunch. Vapor production is great with this juice as well (50/50).

  17. Joshua (verified owner)

    I have ordered this flavor multiple times, I absolutely love it! This is one of the best cereal vape skittles out there reminds me of the Ultimate Hype, but for a fraction of the price. I like to mix this flavor with the cereal mashup. This is my all day vape.

  18. E Figgs (verified owner)

    DEAD ON !!! Again , WOW WOW !!! By far the best of its fellow cereal class that I’ve had and I’ve tried em’ all!! 4 thumb’s up !!!

  19. jasmin (verified owner)

    My favorite from this website so far. Comparable to other brands that cost upwards towards $23. Such a great deal and find, and so inexpensive. Yummy 🙂

  20. Justin (verified owner)

    Great juice and great price! This is my go-to company after this purchase. My juice took 3 days after ordering to be at my door and thats $23 shipped for 120ml of awesome juice plus a 12ml sampler!! Can’t beat that in my opinion.

  21. Tyson (verified owner)

    Oh man, I just purchased a few juices from you and man this one is delicious! I haven’t been able to stop vaping it since i received it! Fast delivery too! I will most definitely be buying from dontdrinkmyjuice again! 🙂

  22. Seabass (verified owner)

    if you are browsing through this site and are not sure if these other reviews are doing it for you, then read no further. because i know whats up. and this is whats up. and by this i mean whats up

  23. Kevin (verified owner)

    Awesome juice love it wish I got more

  24. Trevor (verified owner)

    Smooth and awesome, little bit of back throat burn gonna let it steep a couple days but damn is it good and tastes like fruity pebbles more than anything else.

  25. Derek (verified owner)

    This is my Favorite e juice. Flavor is amazing if you love fruity pebbles.

  26. Terry

    Awesome juice! Wish it had a bit more cream and a tad less lemon but still great!

  27. Sean (verified owner)

    Some reviews said this tasted like crunchberry. To be clear, it’s not. It’s more like fruity pebbles and fruit loops. Really great nontheless.

  28. Brandon (verified owner)

    Yummy fruit loops i got a 50ml bottle 50/50 6mg Nicotine Flavor is great

  29. jacob (verified owner)

    Tastes just like Cap’n Crunch! Great juice at a great price!

  30. jamie (verified owner)

    Great vape. Creamy and nice a little more limey then some fruit loop flavors but really hood

  31. Chase (verified owner)

    This is the holy grail of all vape liquid. Every time I take a hit off this stuff I can’t stop. It’s the best cereal e liquid out there and for a great price! I highly recommend this to anyone who simply enjoys a flavorful and delicious vape. Vape on!

  32. rcusson

    Got this as a free sample with my first order – was BLOWN AWAY – might not have considered this flavor otherwise, so very glad they sent me it!

  33. Scott

    definitely different than the other cereal one. can’t put my finger on it though. good

  34. Edward Perry (verified owner)


  35. Stephen (verified owner)

    I used to spend a premium on a very well known cereal flavor called looper. This is on par with it if not better. So much so for the past several months I’ve vaped nothing but Fruity Crunch. Its the only decently priced juice out there with a true layered flavor that you can expect every time. DDMJ killed it with this flavor!

  36. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Love it. Just ordered my second 120ml bottle!

  37. mawarnock93 (verified owner)

    Came across this website on a big reddit post about low priced-tasty juices and I have to say I am very impressed. The Fruity Crunch really does taste just like fruity pebbles or fruit loops. It’s nice and wet and I didn’t experience any harshness (I got the 2mg Nic and 35/65.) The price is also ridiculous! I’d have to pay $50-$60 for 120 ml of juice from my local shop and it’s never even this good! They also threw in a freebie of 15ml of the Mint Chocolate Chip which is perfect because my girlfriend loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and it really tastes like it! 10/10 will order again.

  38. Dan S. (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering from DontDrinkMyJuice and I am happy with my order. This stuff tastes pretty damn good. They threw me a 10ml of another flavor for free too! So I’ll be a returning customer.

  39. Ryan (verified owner)

    I was paying like 27 dollars for a 15ml Looper bottle and this stuff tastes way better and way way cheaper. everyday vape flavor

  40. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Pretty good if you like fruity loops cereal juices. One of the better juices out there. I mixed it with fruit flavors like strawberry dream or blue berry. Its great by itself too.

  41. Dee (verified owner)

    I am a very picking when it comes to a flavor this is the best cereal flavor I’ve got for the money. DDMJ have done a great job on it. This is the only thing I vape anymore. Keep up the good work

  42. pierson (verified owner)

    I have to say I have ordered and bought many juices from places and DDMJ in my opinion has the very finest juices for amazing price I fell in love with fruity crunch a while ago and I just ordered another 120 ml of it because it is hands down the best cereal vape juice on the market!!

  43. Phil (verified owner)

    Best cereal juice I have ever had. Period. Sooo smooth and sooo delicious

  44. Kirk M.

    Valiant effort, worth trying. Fruit cereal taste a little subtle and dry on throat and lung hits for me with slightly bitter aftertaste. .2mg. nic., MAX/VG, 460°F 65% vent. Might try ‘steeping. Try it!

  45. Kirk

    New Review;
    Used a different mod with different resistance wire @ 48W. Now 5 stars!

  46. Kirk

    Used a different mod with different resistance wire @ 48W. Now 5 stars!

  47. Reginald

    A cult classic, upon release most theater’s refused to show the juice, stating that the first cuts were too overbearing with flavor and as a result many people slipped off into states of ecstasy and were unable to get up and walk out after just a few puffs. With only a 1000 bottles shipped, the financiers made the difficult decision to pull the juice from everywhere they could.
    2077: A Fruity Crunch faded mostly from public eye, and was quickly forgotten until years down the line many of the upcoming mix-directors stated it was by and large their favorite juice. Some even claimed that it was the reason they got into mix-directing in the first place. Now, it’s everywhere. And if you held on to one of the initial thousand bottles, well, you might as well just sent it to me, because it’s not worth any money. USPS First Class? I’m happy to pay for your shipping costs, just make sure you provide me with some proof of purchase so I don’t have any trouble when I post it to…pardon, I better not name it.

  48. Frederick

    Terrific and realistic flavor! You can smoke this all day and not get tired of it.

  49. Alex

    This flavor is easily an every day vapor for me, just the right amount of sweetness. I don’t see myself getting sick of this flavor any time soon.

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