Hard Candy

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Picture a handful of assorted hard candies.

11 reviews for Hard Candy

  1. Vinnie Falco (verified owner)

    This is one of my all day vapes, I just can’t seem to get sick of it. Great flavor and I’m using max vg, I can’t imagine what a 50/50 blend would be like. Definitely give this one a try.

  2. Lisa Richards (verified owner)

    Perfect all day vape. I mostly get apple jolly ranchers…. sometimes its different. I really enjoy it.
    2mg nic

  3. dj.garnes (verified owner)

    I’m SO about to buy this
    I am vaping on a 6% nic mint choco chip from vapor state
    And I’d like to not get jipped on flavor
    Any suggestions?

  4. Don (verified owner)

    Found this site on reddedit.
    A+ hands down best value! I’ve gotten a few diff flavors, to me it focuses on the sweet taste all JR have on the end! First Order, Many more to come! Also i got a free sample of Strawmellon, will be reviewing ad soon as i can put this vape down! Max VG Chase them clouds! still tastes great!
    4mg max VG

  5. Daylin (verified owner)

    Great flavor, highly recommended to anyone… Just found this website and prices are unbeatable and flavor is amazing

  6. Cecil (verified owner)

    Not the worst but also not as expected. Great company just not a home run on this one.

  7. Ben (verified owner)

    Delicious. Almost a slight sour taste to it, yet still different than Skittletopia (and better).
    My tastes: I normally prefer plain flavors such as watermelon when I buy from other places. I also vape high PG.
    Excellent site, prompt delivery, and juice was to my expectations. Did not like every flavor in the flavor pack I tried, but found a few that were extremely good. Jolly Candy was my favorite.

  8. Kailey (verified owner)

    Best juice I’ve ever had!! So delicious! It reminds me of a blue raspberry dum-dum sucker… My most favorite juice of all time!! Definitely going to recommend this site to many people! ♡

  9. Md alamgir (verified owner)

    It’s pretty good the more longer you have it aka “steep” as they say the better it taste as it get closer to the end shake it a few times keep it in a dark area. 4mg max VG everyone is right about the max clouds good for the pricing the pricing is amazing I got 120 ML I’m not a heavy smoker but that took 2 weeks to finish lol I got a free blue berry muffin sample hat was kind of them I got the $5.99 shipping got it in 2 days even through the snow storm in NY so yeah they are really good I got the jolly flavor you can smell it and taste it it gets sweeter and sweeter it’s soothe and just awesome these guys were recommended by Reddit so you already know they are good I’m a harsh critique not I’m not a paid editor or someone from the website but it’s pretty awesome flavor 4/5 stars is my honest truth I’m ordered a new flavor which is strawberry banana yo so I wonder how that’ll be I’m excited and I wonder what’s the mystery sample they are smart with the market in price and free sample to try it’s brilliant buy it try it keep shopping here I’ve recommended 2-3 friends

  10. Ken (verified owner)

    My Fiancee and I buy a 120ml every month with how fast we vape through it. This stuff tastes like a sweet tart mixed with pixie sticks. Really tasty stuff

  11. Charlese Uribe

    Hi! I just wanted to say I am beyond satisfied! Don’t Drink My Juice DDMJ is the BEST I’ve EVER had! The taste of all the different flavors I’ve tried (Cereal Mash Up & Jolly Candy are my favorites – and Candy Fart, Skittletopia & Strawberry) ALL TASTE AMAZING & have tons of vapor! The prices are fantastic, shipping was fast & packaged nicely & their professional, courteous customer service is probably one of the BEST experiences I’ve EVER had – in my entire life! They impressed me so much, b/c they’re doing everything right with the high quality of their product to the way they really care about their customers. I rate them 5 stars & give them an A++! They definitely have a lifelong customer here! And I’m going to tell everyone about them b/c they REALLY, really deserve it!!!

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