Honeydew Me

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Honeydew with hints of pear, strawberry, and dragonfruit. Very refreshing vape.

29 reviews for Honeydew Me

  1. John

    Probably my favorite juice and I’m not even a huge honeydew fan.

  2. Mark P

    This has to be the best juice I have ever tried from any vendor. This was a free sample that I actually contemplated getting. It is so clean, refreshing and dead on honey dew flavorful that it’s blowing my mind. After trying many vendors I’m finding the ones like this company that don’t offer two million different flavors to be the best. Don’t Drink My Juice has just made my top 2. Better than the so called gourmet juice by far.(Max VG-4mg)

  3. Terra (verified owner)

    The best Melon juice I’ve ever had!! I was a little skeptical, as most melon juices have a crazy aftertaste, but Honeydew Me is just as refreshing as the actual melon is!! Love it!!

  4. Ryan

    I got this as a sample with my order and was pleasantly surprised! Even at max VG it has excellent flavor and I will be ordering more!

  5. waz

    I got this free with my sampler. While I am not into fruity flavors as much as desert/ savory flavors, this was pretty good, especially for the price (outside of getting it as a free sample). If I could compare it to another juice it would be Space Jam’s Pluto. The melon is very prominent. Vapor production is kind of low even at max VG, but I have found in my experience that fruity flavors produce less vapor. The flavor is crisp, clean and refreshing. Even though it’s not my thing, it is a quality juice.

  6. Daniel T (verified owner)

    I also received this for free with my order. My wife and I were smelling the bottles before we picked which ones we were going to use first. She had ordered the terrible sue and decided to try this first instead. When you open the bottle you will immediately smell the awesomeness that is inside. The taste is even better. Will actually order a full size bottle of this with my next order. Thanks!!!

  7. Daniel (verified owner)

    Received this as a free sample. Wasn’t too sure if it was going to be any good, but I was pleasantly surprised. Spot on honeydew flavor. Very tasty. Nice one, guys. ?

  8. codie ireland

    I picked out this flavor for my sampler and was surprised. The smell when you open the bottle is enticing and full of melon. The flavor is to die for. I love melon and fruit and this flavor is a perfect honeydew. The sweet juocy flavor of melon and the small tartness when you inhale and exhale is amazing. The best part of this flavor is the after taste. Your mouth doesnt taste like stale flavor. Its aleays juicy and delicious.

  9. Kristen (verified owner)

    I ordered this as a referral from a friend for my first order from this company. I was not disappointed. Incredible flavor right out of the box and got more and more favorable after some steeping. Reminiscent of a more expensive juice I fell in love with, which proves price isn’t everything! This has become my ADV, order quality because you’ll be left craving it once you’re down to your last drop for sure.

  10. Ryan (verified owner)

    By far the best honeydew centered flavors I’ve tasted. Of which I’ve tried around 6-7. This is a top contender for my all day vape right now. I’m loving it and so is my wallet. 50ml for 9 bucks of juice this quality is bonkers!

  11. Brad

    This was a last minute change to my sample pack, and I glad I added this one. Awesome flavor!

  12. Daniel (verified owner)

    This juice is the 5th element. The honeydew was carefully selected from the garden of Eden and has been mixed with the happy tears of baby unicorns. If Daenerys Targaryen vaped, this is the only juice she would use.

  13. Jared

    I’m not going to one star it due to it not being my taste but for me the flavor was way to subtle, and leaves a funky aftertaste. Not bad but could be sweeter and have a more dominant profile.

  14. Chad

    I received this as a free sampler, and it is awesome. I am not a Honeydew fan at all, I won’t touch them. Very surprised on how well I enjoyed it.

  15. Jose (verified owner)

    Nailed the Honeydew flavor exactly! Its a cool and refreshing vape. I would highly recommend this one. Going to buy a larger bottle of this one for sure!

  16. jamie

    Got this as a sample onlyyyyy reason 4 stars is cause I don’t like these fruity type flavors plain etc… it is Def very good for the type it’s just not what I like really…m but the juice itself was good

  17. Lee (verified owner)

    Nice flavor. spot on taste. Will be an all day vape blend for sure. Just needs to steep for awhile.

  18. Fernando (verified owner)

    not my all day vape but it is spot on. I did let it step for a few weeks but worth every penny and the wait.

  19. Scott

    got this free my first two orders. I’m not a fan of fruit flavor. but, now I am. it tastes amazing on inhale/exhale.

  20. deslarue

    PG 35% VG 65% – 4MG. Received this free with my Strawmelon Splash and enjoyed this even more. I was ecstatic. I will be buying this on a regular basis.

  21. Tristan (verified owner)

    So good but soooo overpowering definitely stays in my cotton and takes a long time to drip over good thing its delicious

  22. Lance (verified owner)

    This flavor is absolutely tasty! I went to 4mg, since I’m use to 3mg and thought to give 4 a try. The nicotine level was a little strong (I should’ve went with 2mg) but that doesn’t mean the flavor is undermined. I recommend this to anyone.

  23. Tara (verified owner)

    (Singing In my Prince voice), “DO ME BABY LIKE YOU NEVER DONE BEFORE”…this is the absolute best honeydew vape I’ve ever had! You guys hit it out of the park!

  24. ruizma414 (verified owner)

    I read the reviews answer decided to try it. I have to say the taste is amazing right when I received it. Can’t wait to see what a little steeping will do to it. Guaranteed I am purchasing more.

  25. Matt (verified owner)

    Holy shit, I could drink this!!!!!! So good, and smooth Thanks Adam

  26. Conor (verified owner)

    My favorite juice on here!!!

  27. Kirk M.

    Valiant effort on your flavor mix! It must just be me. I love honeydews and the name is very clever, but I tried it in both my mech dripper and my CUPTI 2 all-in-one, but it just isn’t for me personally. I still urge others to try it out because my opinion is definitely in the minority. 2mg nic, MAX/VG.

  28. Kirk

    Updated Review;
    Steeped then vaped in a different mod with different resistance wire @ 48W. Very good, 5 stars!

  29. Matt (verified owner)

    I have been vaping for 4ish years. This flavor is one of the best i have ever had. Its good right out of the mail but if you can set it aside for 3-4 weeks this flavor can not be beat

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