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A deep kiwi with notes of marshmallow and bourbon. Sound good? Good! Sounds disgusting? Erm…..try some anyway.

5 reviews for Kiwitastic

  1. Nick

    Extremely great unique profile. Not normally a huge kiwi fan but this juice is delicious.

  2. Thomas

    Got this as a sample last weekend and it was gone in 2 days. Refreshing and fruity juice. Just a little on the sweet side for an all day vape for me personally, but is excellent nonetheless.

  3. Jennifer

    Didn’t think I’d like it but its pretty damn good!

  4. jconwhit

    Kiwitastic (2&4mg, 35/65): Kiwi, marshmallow, and bourbon sounds like a strange combo, but don’t judge it before you try it. This juice is very hard to describe, but its one of my favorites. Nothing else like it!

  5. johnathonmartin92 (verified owner)

    hey its al’s girlfriends brother, and i love your juice, so i’m a common customer.

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