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A delightfully floral mango macaroon.


-Honeysuckle (Don’t let this turn you off until you try it!)


-Cookie notes

2 reviews for M-15

  1. forever_artist (verified owner)

    I’ve never tried the honeysuckle flavor by itself and am not sure whether or not I can identify the taste of it in this juice. This flavor is an all around well balanced flavor; none of the flavors really stand out too much from the others. If you’re afraid to try floral flavors (in this case honeysuckle) then fear not, it should not disappoint you. This is a good flavor for endless vaping. Trying this flavor is probably a safe choice for most people who do not hate mango.

  2. trycksy (verified owner)

    Love it. I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it. I don’t especially like mango, but I really love all the other flavors listed. The mango doesn’t come through to strong. In fact, none of the flavors are more prominent than the others. Very balanced, slightly floral, slightly fruity, not too sweet. It’s on my list of favorites for sure.

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