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The cleanest and brightest strawberry milk out there. You may have trouble putting this down.

19 reviews for MALK

  1. Kirk

    I received my sampler order and some larger bottles of my faves.
    Lo and behold, my free bonus bottle is MALK. When I was much younger, I would go to the State Fair. Upon entering and while exiting I would always get a large glass of farm fresh, cold strawberry milk from the Dairy Farmers booth. I could not find a good replication of that dreamy, creamy strawberry flavor, that is until now! I have tried several other vendors, but was disappointed until now! I cleaned out my Nebox, shook the MALK and put it in. I played it safe and cranked my wattage control down to 35.0. Using SS coil, I gently tugged on the Max VG, .3 nic mixture. My throat and lung hits reminded of biting into a fat, juicy early season berry when they are juicy and slightly tart. However, upon the exhaust, the smooth, creamy sweetness takes over and leaves this incredibly awesome afterglow.
    Fellow vapers, if you like a fruity, smooth vape, you should give this a go! To MY tastes, this is spot on and although I have tried several of DDMJ’s fantastic liquids, this may just might be my absolutely favorite yet! (I am sitting here vaping MALK, composing this review, and humming the old Beatles’s song “Strawberry Fields Forever!”

  2. Byron

    This is absolutely deliciousl. Deep tones of creamy custard with a smooth strawberry milkshake make this a nice dessert or all day vape. Received a sample in the mail with my order and will purchase a 120 ml next. Finally found a perfect strawberry vape!

  3. ebr_556 (verified owner)

    I ordered Cookies and Cream and recieved this as a sample. It is by far the best vape juice I have ever tried. It literally taste like strawberry milk. Quality is outstanding.

  4. Nick

    Spot on. Fantastic flavor.

  5. brdhunter1

    Let me start off by saying if you have ever had a strawbery milkshake that just blew your minds, this is it in juice form.
    The strawberry is the first thing you will taste but it is quite gentle. The whole draw tastes of milk and perhaps a custard?
    Supreme quality I love it.

  6. Dave

    I love it. I preferred strawberry milk as a kid and this is an accurate reproduction of that flavor. It’s light enough to vape all day long. You won’t be disappointed!

  7. Cassidy

    Received this as a sample along with the others I bought. Great products! This one and all the rest taste delicious. Recently quit smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping and these flavors have helped me kick my bad habit for good. Will def buy from again soon!

  8. Shal’esa Hill

    After reading the reviews on this juice, I wanted to try it but i was skeptical. Other milkshake e-juices have scarred me for life in the past. I ordered a bunch of other juices that I love and asked for the Malk as a sampler. So I got it in the mail and.. Oh my dear heavens. An instant burst of pure love at first vape hit me like a ton of bricks. This shit is like a herd of magical unicorns, filled with strawberry milkshake with sprinkles, dancing and harmonizing in unison on my tongue. I wanted to MARRY IT. I had to pray to prevent myself from popping the top off and guzzling it down. As of right now, i’m shaking like a crack head until my next order arrives. Long story short, I’m ordering this juice in bulk and will never love another juice like I love this one.

  9. Lee (verified owner)

    Really good juice, the quality is excellent….thanks for the good product.

  10. Brian

    Got this as a free sample. I hate milk. I hate the taste. I hate the smell. I just down right don’t like milk. This is quickly turning into my new favorite flavor. Simply amazing. Go figure.

  11. David

    Got a free sample of this and it is by far my favorite! Must try definitely ordering more!

  12. tony5600ac1

    Oustanding people with good communication skills on their e-mails with tracking. I was surprised to find this in my order for free. The e-liquid has an outstanding strawberry and milk flavor. It tastes like a freshly picked strawberry that’s almost ready to be called ripe but not to ripe mixed with a nice creamy flavor but not to creamy. Blend is well balanced and has a nice color that is normal for this type of flavor. Extremly smooth that boosts excellent cloud production and satisfaction. Well done. Thanks again for the free sample and I will be ordering this in a big size on my next shipment.?

  13. Pierce

    I have to say I’m very happy with malk I got it as a free sampler and its slamming right out of the box along with fruity crunch and cereal mash up I love all 3keep it up DDMJ I love your company please don’t ever leave. Unbeatable prices and great quality rep DDMJ always. Cant wait to try skittle topia next ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. liamkelly.m (verified owner)

    By far my favorite juice of all time thus far, seems to get everything right. My roommates agree too, I’ll have to test out “MALK’s mom” the next chance I get!

  15. forever_artist

    I enjoy some occasional strawberry milk, but would I enjoy vaping strawberry milk? Would it taste exactly like strawberry milk? The answer to these questions is yes!

  16. skullboyemail (verified owner)

    I got this as a sampler in my first order, now it’s apart of my essential vape choices. Who’d think that Milk (or Malk) would be such a good flavor for vape? Has a sort of vanilla taste to it with a hint of strawberry.

  17. David

    The flavor is pretty good. The intensity (or lack thereof), however, is a bit disappointing to be frank. It could be that I got a 50/50 and the flavor is good enough that I may come back and try a higher PG. Definitely worth a shot but maybe try it on a new coil or with a higher PG content. I would say try the smaller one to see if itโ€™s worth spending the money on to you.

  18. Cheryl (verified owner)

    My favorite vape. Reminds me of Strawberry Nesquick, pure deliciousness. Order it every time!

  19. kylebottoroff (verified owner)

    BEST JUICE ON THE MARKET!!!! Never had a strawberry juice like this one!

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