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A new conglomeration of genes violently extracted from the mother of MALK.

MALK’S MOM is still a strawberry milk, however it is fruitier and lighter than its offspring. We toned down the heavier milk notes and focused on the bright fruit flavor that makes MALK special.

7 reviews for MALK’S MOM

  1. Nick

    Got to try this earlier today and was blown away. Similar to MALK but not too similar. Like the description says, it has a different milk/cream note to it than MALK does. I love them both but this one is more refreshing. Keep it up!

  2. Thomas (verified owner)

    For me, Malk was outstanding. However, I was expecting something a little more fruity. Malk’s Mom hits that perfectly. I’m on my second 120ml and very pleased.

  3. Kyle

    Very good juice!

  4. Kirk

    Maybe it is just myself or perhaps my setup, but this is one of my few disappointments from DDMJ. After reading the description, I was eager to order it in a sample pack. I loaded it in my tank with a brand new Ni200 coil. I tried it at several temp settings, but I found it to be bitter, so I steeped it for two weeks and tried it again. I did not enjoy it on the intake and it had a bitter aftertaste. I tasted a drop on my tongue and it tasted fantastic, so I cannot understand.
    I prefer S.S.S.S. and Malk over this one and I am vaping all of them with the same tank and settings. I hope other vapers try it and like it.

  5. John (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Love it!

  6. Jeff

    Did not get that much out of this flavor.

  7. kylebottoroff (verified owner)

    Awesome Juice!!!!

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