Mango IPA

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A deliciously hoppy mango IPA. Don’t drink it!

4 reviews for Mango IPA

  1. forever_artist

    If you like mango but are not sure if you will like floral flavors then this mango IPA is a good one to start with. Imagine that you are in the middle of a flower garden or forest breathing in the smell of green foliage. You then take a drink of a mango soda. That’s what this juice tastes like.

  2. Jeff

    I’ve tried every flavor of DDMJ. This is top. This offers a distinct but mellow sonnet of Mango.

  3. Abe

    Wow. Definitely not what I expected. In a great way. I’ve nearly given up on all mango vapes. They tend just not to taste like mango. But this? Like the reviewer above wrote: mango and floral notes. Almost like a white tea with no bitterness. Great, light, and natural vape, just the way I like it. No artificial notes I can detect. Awesome ADV.

  4. tonybedrosian

    Very good Mango flavor! Very floral with a smooth aftertaste. Tried this flavor and Meaty Mango and I most definitely prefer this flavor over Meaty Mango.

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