Meaty Mango

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You’re on an island by yourself. You haven’t eaten anything in 15 days. You notice an oddly shaped tree in the distance. As you get closer you see orange balls hanging from it. Could it be…….. The lights in your brain are switching on an off. You fall to your knees and begin to crawl. You recognize the tropical fruit and die from exhaustion before reaching it. This juice is what the mango would’ve tasted like had you made it.

3 reviews for Meaty Mango

  1. Cat (verified owner)

    By far my favorite from Don’t Drink My Juice so far. I’ve tried at least 8 flavors and this surpasses them all. For best taste, let steep for a while. It isn’t bad as it is though just could be a bit more flavorful steeped more. DELICIOUS!!! Tasted just like mango.

  2. Josh Jackson

    This in nic salt form is definitely one of the best nic salt juices I have tried. Great job, works great in my “jewel” 😉

  3. colegoss4 (verified owner)

    Upon arrival, is very light on the inhale, but really shines on the exhale. I do not like overbearing “sugary” juices, so the light flavor was refreshing and very welcoming!

    I am curious how it will taste after a few days of steeping! One of the best out of like 10 juices Ive tried

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