Purple Cow

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The long awaited Grape-Blueberry extra creamy milkshake flavor from Heaven.

12 reviews for Purple Cow

  1. Levi

    Got this as a sample in my order. Love this flavor!! Creamy, but more of a complex fruit flavor, but also cool. Will order more!

  2. Russell

    They sent me this in my sample box as an extra…
    These guys know what flavors I want better than I do!

  3. Jeffreyshoupjr

    Holy moley man. Has the perfect balance of blueberry and milk/cream tones. Tastes like blueberry milkshake. My main concern was expecting too much of that milk flavor that makes some juice taste like cheese.
    I grabbed my order out of my box and didn’t hesitate to try this one. I laughed out loud because how different this tastes from anything I’ve tried and how freaking good it is.

  4. M

    Got this one thrown in as a free sample with my last order and it’s exactly as described and packs a punch with the flavor. I would describe the flavor as a grape popsicle with vanilla ice cream in the center. My gf likes to describe it as a Grape Cream Slush from Sonic. I would recommend if you’re into grape flavored things. Once again, DDMJ doesn’t disappoint with any flavor I’ve tried.

  5. James

    Taste like Grape Big League Chew!!!!

  6. Ryan

    got this as a sample in my package tastes great but has a menthol hint in it it seems like

  7. Jennifer

    I was thinking it taste like a menthol towards the end….this was my free sample with my order and it’s definitely good

  8. Julia

    Got this as a free sample and love it!! Tastes like the sheesh I use for my hookah. Grape flavor with a cooling menthol.

  9. Salil

    Man! Lol…

    My compliments to the chef!!

    You, yes you.. Stop reading this and buy it now.

    This is a spiritual experience lol!


  10. Ivan

    This juice is bomb, it’s like a slightly minty milkshake with flavors that I can’t quite explain. I am about to order more LOL

  11. Breanne

    This was the last choice in my sampler and it is by far my favorite! The grape and vanilla/milkshake balance is perfect! Will be buying this regularly now.

  12. Jeff

    As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of flavors purveyed by DDMJ, this does not earn my approval. The grape tastes unauthentic and leaves an uncomfortable aftertaste of artificial grape flavor. Seriously, I’ve had better grape cough syrup than this

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