R-Cheesecake Bliss

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Our full-flavored raspberry cheesecake.

8 reviews for R-Cheesecake Bliss

  1. Salil

    So. I ordered a 120 ml of Strawberry Dream.. That came perfectly in time.. In a fantastical bottle with a dripper thingy in the cap, which I absolutely love.. Along with my 120ml of Strawberry Dream (which I haven’t tried just yet) came a sampler bottle of R-Cheescake Bliss. Now, this is the first ever review of anything I have ever given in the history of ever.. Why? I am compelled ,. I am compelled to do it! This juice is unbelievable!! It tastes exactly like cheesecake.. Lol, ex-ac-tly! The name of the site is accurate for the juices they make. A++++

    Looking forward to give my review for Strawberry Dream which I am sure will be incredible. I am so glad I stumbled on this site. I am all set ,. Thanks guys!!


    : P

  2. Seabass (verified owner)

    Gotta say that this is one of my favorite flavors that i have ordered so far. I really love how subtle the raspberry flavor is. Its not overwhelming at all! It genuinely compliments the creamy cheesecake flavor. I highly reccomend this whomever is a cake/sweet lover. I vape 2mg @ max VG

  3. Dane (verified owner)

    DDMJ is the best and this flavor is amazing

  4. MW (verified owner)

    A nice flavor, but not the best cheesecake flavor I’ve tried. The raspberry is noticeable, but there’s not enough creaminess to it in my opinion. It’s still nice and smooth, though. It’s not bad in any sense. Was still good enough I went through an entire 120ml in about a week. Definitely worth a shot.

  5. Jennifer ODonnell (verified owner)

    Love Love this flavor my new favorite

  6. Steve

    I have tried every flavor on this site, and have been ordering 120ml bottles of strawberry dream exclusively for over a year now. I try all new flavors when they come out, and was excited about this one. As usual, DDMJ exceeded what i thought could be done with this flavor, and now i am adding it to my bulk orders to the point now where its even with s-dream, which i didnt think was possible!! (2x 120 strawberry dream, 2x bottles raspberry cheesecake)

    It tastes exactly like it sounds, and good god does this company know how to run a business with their fair prices, extraordinary product, and equally important, their unmatched customer service. Always throwing me a little extra when i bulk order, responds to direct emails within the day, etc. Cant praise this company enough, i tell everyone at this building i work at about this place, because i know if they try it once, they will become lifelong exclusive buyers like myself.

    Enough ranting, amazing flavor just buy it 120ml

  7. Kirk

    DDMJ is a very fine company with fantastic flavors, unbelievable prices, and they are so liberal with bonus bottles! This was another bonus bottle discovery for me.
    As I am a Type II diabetic, I love having an opportunity to have something sweet that doesn’t jack with my blood sugar. That’s why I am partial to sweet vape juices.
    This has a nice, smooth, sweet profile and, unlike some recipes from other sources, it doesn’t overwhelm or leave a bitter aftertaste. I do like it after I steeped it. Ironically, the only thing against this flavor and why I didn’t give it five stars is that DDMJ has several flavors I like better. (That’s not a bad problem to have is it Adam.) 😉
    This was MaxVG, 2mg nic and enjoyed in my ol’ RDA dual coil mech.

  8. tony5600ac1 (verified owner)

    An extremly full flavored rasberry flavor that stands alone apart from the delitious creamy cheesecake vape. E-liquid consistency is extremely well blended with good color. Cloud production is thick and plentiful. If you like this type of flavor and vape experience this ones for you. Will be ordering a bigger size next time. Wonderful people to deal with that can communicate with outstanding e-mails and tracking information. Highly recommend this site.

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