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Shorty is our take on what a shortbread cookie should taste like.

Butterscotch, caramel, cookie, and custard come together to create magic in your atomizer.

6 reviews for Shorty

  1. Nick

    This flavor is fantastic. Dripping in RDA at 80 watts gives an amazing butterscotch caramel cookie flavor. Great job DDMJ!

  2. Kirk

    DDMJ continues to mix winners. This is one I wish I COULD drink.
    Max VG, 2mg nic., I vaped it @ .62ohms, 28W in my CUPTI 2. Got decent clouds with a very nice, smooth vape. Give it a try! I will order this one again, but in a bigger bottle!!

  3. arthurbak271

    I received this juice as a sample, and will definitely re-order.
    Something like a sweet toffee sugar cookie. Amazing taste and aroma.

  4. forever_artist

    I always say that vaping caramel and/or chocolate is a disaster, but perhaps since this flavor is meant to taste like shortbread there was enough of a de-emphasis on the caramel to make it a good flavor. I’m not the best person to rate this flavor since my biggest preferences are fruity flavors and floral flavors, but even I was able to enjoy this flavor. It’s really not bad at all, and it’ll make the room smell like a coffee shop. If the dark colored juices, such as those with flavors of the things that would come from a bakery are of your preferred flavor spectrum but you feel that they could be toned down a bit, then definitely check out this tame and sophisticated flavor.

  5. jgs0803

    I got this as a sample. This is right up there with Canoli Moly as one of my favorites. Actually the two are quite similar. If you like canoli moly you will certainly like this. It’s delicious

  6. Lee (verified owner)

    Boom bombtastic Bakery bliss!!! 5 star DDMJ!!!

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