Strawmelon Splash

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A splash of strawberry and watermelon with every pull.

26 reviews for Strawmelon Splash

  1. robert

    very good inhale and oh my the watermelon on the exhale is like a taste of summer !

  2. Sarah

    A very refreshing vape. Very yummy

  3. Terra

    The perfect blend of strawberry and watermelon, I love it!!

  4. markswensonjr

    Very awesome juice, will be getting 500mls of this very soon.

  5. Lenin

    What is this?, i can ‘t believe how good is this flavor on my Velocity. I received as a freebie witj my purchase and i plan to buy it on 120ml.

  6. itsonlydw

    Very nice and smooth juice flavor. good to vape on all day!

  7. Jasmin

    Got it as a freebie. Very yummy. It tastes like a strawberry/watermelon smoothie.

  8. Derek (verified owner)

    Great Vape!! Great Taste!!! With Great Clouds!!!!

  9. Don

    Great flavor.
    Smooth as silk on a rda. (4mg max vg)
    Great inhale of watermelon and a hint of strawberry on exhale.

  10. overanunderwood (verified owner)

    Great flavor even with my coil getting ready to go out. Shipped to California, came right on time. Bought the 50 ml because of the great value. These guys will be my go to source for juice from now on.

  11. Lisa (verified owner)

    Very good flavor right out of the package. I use the billow v2 so the 120ml bottle is a little hard to use to fill it but not impossible. (50/50 6mg)

  12. ljnall

    My husband and I really enjoy every juice we order this company and we are telling everybody that’ll listen. You guys are awesome! thank you.

  13. Lisa (verified owner)

    I let this juice steep for a few weeks after posting my llast review. Stronger flavor even at higher watts. Very good juice overall.

  14. Sean

    Everyone seems to really like this juice, but I didn’t. I let it steep for a while before I reviewed it, but it hasn’t changed much. It seems like it could be good, but it has a weird taste for me. Kind of like that cotton/denim taste you get with new cotton wicks, but all the time. Tried in an Atlantis V2 and my Mephisto RDA with the same results. I didn’t give it a one star because maybe it’s just my builds, but I don’t think so. I’ve never had a bad juice from these guys yet, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  15. Scott

    got this free with my last order. tastes and smells like fresh strawberry. very refreshing

  16. deslarue (verified owner)

    PG 35% VG 65% – 4MG. This is officially in my top 5. So sweet and smooth.

  17. Tara (verified owner)

    The strawberries and watermelon were fighting in my mouth!!! Absolutely amazing!

  18. NJ (verified owner)

    The guy who wrote the first review nailed it, I have always said to myself this juice is like the essence of summer infused in a juice, this flavor is one of my favorites and I always go back to it after I vape some of my other favorites from DDMJ and its love all over again. vape it right out the bottle unsteeped and its amazing every time, make the order vape it and you will understand why people love it.

  19. Matt

    Warning this juice is addicting AF order 120ml it’s worth it!!!!

  20. Bo (verified owner)

    My favorite, hands down. I like this the most, but also like a few others. Never had a problem with DDMJ. I got the sampler pack last time so I went with my favorite this time around but I must say, super fast shipping, everything is perfect. I even received a free 15ml of Peppermint Puffs this time with my 50ml 35/65 Strawmelon Splash. Great clouds, great taste, highly recommended!

  21. Andrew Kuhn (verified owner)

    This juice is my favorite so far, I’ve tried quite a few flavors from several different companies and this one still reigns supreme

  22. DDMJARMY (verified owner)

    This juice for me is like the first date between my vape and DDMJ eliquid, been goin steady ever since. This is one of those things that instantly transports you back to a moment in time just by getting a wiff, seeing or tasting it, for me I instantly go back to the first drips of DDMJ I ever vaped. it was the middle of the summer and life was good since it was SUMMER and I had just quit smoking thanks to DDMJ and this flavor particularly! Strawmelon splash is a liquid you will fall in love with so buy a big bottle or two cause when you drip that last drop you will be craving more!! (FB-DDMJARMY hmu if you wanna join me to fight for our rights to vape DDMJ!!!!!)

  23. j.johnson295 (verified owner)

    Just received my order of this stuff- great quality juice – @t a great price I’ll definitely be trying some others flavors..

  24. Bryan (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite juice, you gotta try it! Great all day vape 🙂

  25. Garrett (verified owner)

    First time buyer and PREVIOUS Dr. Crimmey customer, this is HANDS DOWN my new favorite juice. I cannot wait to try some new flavors.
    I wish the large bottles had a needle tip for easy fill, but I have extra glass droppers anyway.
    I will definitely be buying again soon!

  26. Mark (verified owner)

    Well I finally found a juice site that I’m sticking with. I ordered this and the blueberry muffin and they were amazing. And literally half the price of the juice at my local vape shop. Keep up the good work guys. PS, I found out about this site through TJ Kirk’s YouTube channel.

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