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Our take on a popular energy drink

5 reviews for Wings

  1. Tyler

    Got this as a free sample with my other juices and spot on energy drink love it thank you!

  2. Joshua

    I did not like this flavor at first, however after steeping for 7 days it was much better. Keep don’t think I will be ordering this one again. DDMJ has some amazing flavors though I pretty much vape their juce exclusively. This flavor just isn’t for me.

  3. chrisjguida (verified owner)

    Delicious spot on red bull flavor. It gives a false sense of a caffeine rush which I like in the morning!

  4. itsonlydw (verified owner)

    Good with a tank, not good for dripper. atleast for me. the smell of it is spot on Energy Drink. maybe it was the max VG not getting the real flavor through that i was expecting, might try with a step lower than max vg for the flavor But still worth a 4/5 !

  5. Mark Eicher

    Excellent juice at an excellent price. order arrived quick, and the flavor is spot on. Going to go with a little more VG next time, but otherwise I highly recommend this juice for energy drink lovers.

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