Winter Blueberry

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A sweet blueberry with a significant menthol kick

10 reviews for Winter Blueberry

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    Could be an everyday vape! Great tasting blueberry with the right amount of chill! I’m in love!

  2. robert (verified owner)

    just got this today it has a good flavor and strong menthol kick for sure little more then my liking but very good ! thanks

  3. Sawyer S.

    Another great juice! On inhale you’re hit with a little sweet blueberry and then a good, cool menthol kick. On exhale, the sweet blueberries really come out leaving a really pleasant after taste. Flavor is really good on this juice but the menthol is strong.

  4. Vinnie Falco (verified owner)

    I love this too much

  5. Dragon (verified owner)

    Ordered some of this, got a free bottle of cereal mash up, loving them both. I have been looking for a berry menthol with a strong menthol chill, and this fits that position perfectly, a top 10 vape, 5/5.

  6. Derek

    Great Flavor, but menthol might be a bit to strong for my liking.

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    It’s very rare that I’m able to find a strong enough menthol juice but this is excellent. Just out of the bottle the blueberry is very faint but I can tell that after a bit of steeping the notes will come out. Tastes more like natural blueberries than the artificially flavored stuff that tastes like “blueberry”. A+!

  8. Maxx

    This juice is damn near perfect. I steeped for 2 weeks (shook and heated) and let me say, the menthol in this kicks you in the ass on the inhale and the blueberry really shines on the exhale. I got the max vg mix so the blueberry is a little week but a blend with higher pg would be very good. The menthol is very strong and has that metallic taste a lot of menthol juices have but only very slightly. I mean very slightly. Out of my lemo drop with a .4 ohm 26 gauge micro this juice is fantastic. But out of my mutation X v3 with a .1 ohm dual coil build the menthol is a little much. If you’re a cloud chaser this juice might not be for you. But hell give it a shot! I doubt you’ll regret it.

  9. Cole (verified owner)

    I have tried ~5 liquids from these guys. Apart from receiving a free 15mL bottle with each purchase, their liquids are high quality.

    This winter berry is INCREDIBLE. A chilling, refreshing inhale of ice is followed by a delicious organic-tasting-blueberry exhale. Simply delicious. I got the 65% PG and the blueberry is faint.. But its just perfect.

    Most liquids with high PG leave a feeling of ‘sugar’ on my teeth… but not with this one.

    Recommended above all

  10. Frederick

    The “menthol” is too strong and has a chemical taste. The blueberry tastes artificial. It is very unpleasant and it makes, both my girlfriend and I, sick. I love this company and most of its products but I’d honestly rather have a nic fit than vape this.

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